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Big man, big mouth

October 2, 2009

Which country is going to host the African Commission on Human and People’s Rights (yes thats the actual name)…?

Answer: Gambia! (if you got that right slap the person next to you in the face)

What did the president of Gambia say just a few days ago in a televised address before the UN General Assembly?

Answer: I will kill anyone, who wants to destabilise this country. If you think that you can collaborate with so-called human rights defenders, and get away with it, you must be living in a dream world. I will kill you, and nothing will come out of it. We are not going to condone people posing as human rights defenders to the detriment of the country. If you are affiliated with any human rights group, be rest assured that your security and personal safety would not be guaranteed by my government. We are ready to kill saboteurs.

Now thats PR.

h/t to Global Dashboard

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