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ewz adores you…Mo Ibrahim

October 27, 2009

Mo "nah, you're all shit" Ibrahim

This week, ewz is wanting to have babies with Mo Ibrahim of the Mo Ibrahim Foundation, for refusing to select a winner for this year’s ‘Mo Ibrahim Prize for Achievement in African Leadership‘, because no one deserved it.

This year the prize committee has considered some credible candidates. However, after in-depth review, the prize committee could not select a winner.

The Board of the Mo Ibrahim Foundation announced their decision not to award a prize of USD 5 million for African ex-leaders who have shown good governance. Ibrahim himself gave no reason for the decision and said he had always intended that there would be years when no prize was given

Ibrahim said people could draw their own conclusions about why no prize was awarded. So draw your own conclusions people, cos our Momo ain’t stooping to that level, y’hear?

In all seriousness though, big up to our man Mo for doing something the Nobel Peace Prize Committee (along with countless other bogus prize givers) should have done this year– and announce that no one deserved it.

“The prize committee welcomed the progress made on governance in some African countries while noting with concern recent setbacks in other countries,” said a statement from the panel which made the decision.

Former president of Ireland and UN High Commissioner for Human Rights Mary Robinson, one of the panel-members, said that if there had been a similar award for former European leaders this year, it might have been equally difficult to select a worthy winner. If only the Nobel Prize folks are listening…

Kanye West has not been available to comment on this.

Mo Ibrahim….ewz adores you!

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  1. October 27, 2009 4:35 pm

    more noble than Nobel

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