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Fast Fasting

November 17, 2009

Newz just in: Food and Agriculture Organization (FAO) director general Jacques Diouf and UN secretary general Ban Ki-moon went on ‘hunger strike’ to draw attention to the plight of 1 billion ‘hungry’ people in the world.

Jacques Diouf even drew attention to his gesture of solidarity by appearing also to work in a lobby as documented by the obligatory YouTube video produced to accompany it.

How long did this hunger strike last, you ask? 24 hours.

Ok, seriously thats not a hunger strike.  I’ve had crash diets in which I haven’t eaten for longer than that. And lets be honest these guys are not lacking reserves.

Compare that to the hunger-strikes of 68 days in the case of (admitedly now deceased) British aminal rights activist Barry Horne, the 46-73 days of the various Republican paramilitaries in British custody in 1981, and the 28 years in the case of Nicole Ritchie (pictured right looking waif).

Where is the line between a worthy publicity stunt and a patronising gesture? Somewhere about 5 steps back from where these guys are at.

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