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When Did Dumb Become the New Red? The ‘Dumbing Down’ of Americans for Political Gain

December 9, 2009

I really think Jon Stewart is onto something. Last night’s episode of the Daily Show served Gretchen Carlson’s head up on a silver platter and I couldn’t have been happier. Gretchen Carlson is one the many commentators on “Fox & Friends” who spew their fabrications and scare tactics to millions of viewers every day, with the hopes that those viewers will soon join their side. She was outed for ‘dumbing herself down’ by pandering to her audience while at the same time, successfully managing to convince yet more Americans that our President is a hybrid reincarnation of  Stalin and Hitler (hence the ‘czar’ innuendo).

Kudos to you Gretchen Carlson, it takes a strong woman to reverse her own intelligence for the sake of a paycheck and some TV time.

While some consider the Daily Show “just another piece of liberal propaganda” that pokes fun at the Republican Party, we all know there are hidden truths behind the sarcasm and wisecracks.

Daily Show Clip – Gretchen Carlson

This clip basically sums up my point: YOU DON’T HAVE TO ACT LIKE AN IDIOT TO GET THEM TO JOIN YOUR CAUSE…unless of course you think your viewers are just too dumb to understand you. In that case, Gretchen has a whole different problem on her hands and she should probably be spending her days brainstorming about ways to fix our broken education system. Oh wait, she doesn’t need to worry about that, she was valedictorian of her class, graduated from Stamford, while spending time at Oxford and is a classically trained violinist; how very non-elitist of you. I’m sorry, but if you are using intelligence as a negative flaw, I think there is something seriously wrong with your rationale.

Don’t worry Gretchen, you’re not alone! I have reason to suspect another famous female politician uses the same‘dumb-speak’ tactics to gain admiration from her audience…but I can’t help but think she is just really really dumb, so never mind, she is speaking to her peers (cough, cough, Mrs. Palin).  I know, that was low, but I can never resist a chance to take a shot at her.

I’d like to go a step further and say that Fox & Friends themselves are taking a page right out of the hate group’s playbook and using Neo-Nazi recruiting tactics to gain followers and increase their numbers. That’s right guys, go after those marginalized gun-toting/religion-clinging patriots that Obama accidentally insulted last year…and then build up from there. Hmmmm, I think I’ve heard somewhere that they are a much easier target population.

I guess if all the intelligent people are already taken, it really is slim pickins’ for ya’ll.

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  1. Hatson Sauniel permalink
    December 16, 2009 5:02 am

    Elegantly written. Especially when you said, ” we all know there are hidden truths behind the sarcasm and wisecracks,” speaking, of course, about the Daily Show.

    The whole dumb audience is so true too. It’s like when politicians talk about how we should, “Go Green,” and change our life styles because we don’t know whats best. Or like when politicians have pity for groups of people, because they’re too inept to live their lives correctly.

    If we could all just realize we’re in this together, and start relying on the Government to tell us what to do. Then I think we would all be more intelligent.

  2. Jay permalink
    January 16, 2010 5:15 am

    “If we could all just realize we’re in this together, and start relying on the Government to tell us what to do. Then I think we would all be more intelligent.”

    I’m sorry but was that you being sarcastic? Did you accidentally type the word “start” when you meant “stop”?


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