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Can Americans throw logic aside so easily? The latest ‘Most Admired’ Gallup poll proves they can…

January 5, 2010

Gallup polls are typically a reliable and objective measure of public opinion in America, but it was shocking to read last month’s \’Most Admired Men and Women\’ choices. It went something like this:

For now, let’s just ignore the fact that Elin Nordegren Woods (wife of Tiger Woods) even made the list by tying Angela Merkel and get straight to the point. If you’re anything like me you are wondering, how on earth could a woman as non-accomplished as Sarah Palin be admired almost as much as a woman currently serving as Secretary of State? I honestly have no explanation for this travesty of the title, except the 15% of Americans voting for Sarah Palin must have been from cities on her book tour. But really, when you attempt to compare their resumes and bodies of work, how can one even think twice? Hillary Clinton, a former U.S. Senator for 8 years, a graduate of Yale Law School and a successful lawyer, cofounder of the Arkansas Advocates for Children and Families, the first female partner at her former law firm, and a staunch advocate of healthcare reform in America; does this seem like a woman deserving to be one percentage point above a made-for-tv politician.

I am embarrassed for you Mrs. Clinton, and I can only assume you take consolation in the fact that you have consistently claimed this title 14 times over the past 17 years. Congrats.

Now, on to the men…

No explanation needed. The thought of George W. Bush and Glenn Beck sandwiching poor Nelson Mandela, like two moldy, out-of-date pieces of bleached white bread makes my skin crawl.

Obviously, we don’t need to lay out Mr. Mandela’s life accomplishments to prove my point. But I have a strange feeling that if you decided to ask the participants voting for W. and Glenn Beck who Nelson Mandela is, you might find they have not a clue in the world to his existence. Oh wait, they might have seen Invictus…

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  1. steve thomas permalink
    January 5, 2010 9:45 pm

    I agree, anyone who can put-up with “Slick Willie” as long as Hillary has, must be either insane or one tough nut.

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