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Dear US of A, This Isn’t Actually About You

March 24, 2010

If we keep looking at each other long enough do you think nobody will realise we have nothing valuable to say?

Unless you live under some kind of large and immovable object (it could be a stone, it could be George Clooney’s ego) you can’t help but have noticed that US-Zionist Entity Israel relations have been in crisis! CRISIS!!!  Things were said, feelings were hurt… it all got a little crazy back there, and was all very, very important.

You see a guy called Joe, I think he works for the US government, traveled to Israel because he wants see the Israelis and the Palestinians talk to each other “indirectly” (I’m not sure exactly what this means…maybe they would only be allowed to discuss the issues via metaphors or something).  However, during his trip, just after a big speech in which Joe reaffirms that the US and Israel are BFFs, Israel’s Interior Minister Eli Yishai (he’s like seriously Jewish) announces his approval of plans to build  1,600 new homes in East Jerusalem, territory that has been occupied by the Israelis since 1967.  Israel building on land that is officially recognised as “occupied territory” (I say officially because, well, sorry to point this out, but Israel is kind of all built on occupied territory) is illegal under international law, not to mention being something that reeeaaaaally pisses the Palestinians off.  Colonization tends to do that though (N.B. I know that because I’ve seen Avatar).

The Palestinians’ negotiators, for their part, have  made clear that all building in “occupied territory” must end before any talks can begin, a view which has sympathy within the US administration of Barack Hussein Obama (Joe works for him).  You know, its almost like some people within the Israeli government’s extremely Zionist coalition don’t want talks to begin…

Shocking. Ok, it’s question time: If you give a country $200 billion over ten years, yet they remain fairly unresponsive to your views on a key foreign policy pillar that is key to your regional aims,  not to mention your national security, not to mention a basic question of justice, and then that country also openly humiliates your Vice President during a high profile visit, do you:

(a) immediately recall him and begin serious steps that will impact on that country economically and politically;

(b) have your man continue his trip,  and instead of doing anything significant complain that is “insulting” and an “afront”?

If you answered (b) then congratulations you have won a key policy advisory position at the State Department!!

“Insulting”, by the way, was Hilary’s verdict, an “affront” was the verdict of David Axelrod, a key aide to Obama.  The spat has delighted the US and international media who have gone into a feeding frenzy whipping this up into the story that it really isn’t qualified to be.  Now, imma let you finish, but can I just point out one thing? US officials and media outlets…stop your bitching and moaning about hurt feelings and “friendship”. I mean seriously?? Are we all 12 years old??  This isn’t about you, and the egos, and the posturing, behind which lies absolutely nothing substantial.  The people to whom this really matters are the Palestinians themselves (wherever they are) who have for decades suffered the consequences of international action that has oscillated between a failure to restrain and outright facilitation of Israel’s colonization of lands it was partly handed in compensation for other people’s failure to protect Jews from harm.

Could someone please bear that in mind?  Thanks.

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  1. Yerushalmi permalink
    March 24, 2010 9:45 pm

    A. $200 billion! I wish!!! Where on earth did you get this number from???!!!
    B. Jerusalem is not a settlement.
    C. The Palestinians wanted indirect talks.
    D.they also brought new demands to the Israelis, or perhaps the right way to put will be pre-conditions. Ammm, they must have learn that from the Syrians… I wonder why.
    E. I am not sure they (Palestinians) really care about the International Law.

    The Palestinians are not so pure and not so innocent. If their brothers don’t give a shit about them why do the Americans will? Upppps sorry, the ones who actually care are the Iranians, who use them as the black sheep of the Middle East.
    Obama doesn’t care about them, he just wants to justify his presidency and perhaps another Nobel Prize for the collocation of the American presidents.
    The Arabs definitely don’t care, I mean, Jordan colonised “Palestine” in 1948 and controlled it up until 1967, so why didn’t they established a state for their brothers the Palestinians? Or, why Lebanon, who has more than one million Palestinian refugees, didn’t even bothered to give them some rights? Education? Health? Work? Ammmm, not when it’s to do with the Lebanese.
    And last, as for the Palestinians. The poor Palestinians. They should be titled as the nation who manage to fuck up they chances for a state again and again.
    First in 1947, when the UN gave them a state (don’t give me the shit that they already had a state, as the didn’t). They rejected it as they wanted a state with no Jews in it. Ammm. That’s a shame.
    Second, in 2000. They offered the almost the most generous offer by the Israeli government. Guess what they said? Not good enough. Guess what they did? Opened a second intifada. Fucking them selves up. Again
    The third, was in 2006. Then, they really got their best offered made by the Israelis. They won’t be so lucky for another proposal. Briefly, They got 97% of the occupied territories, where another 3% will be given as an extension to the Gaza strip. They also received Half of Jerusalem. Half! With the control over the holy places WON’T be by the Israelis, it would have been by an international entity. Again, not good enough. The got the right of return for a large number of their refugees. Removal of all check points. Development of the West Bank and Gaza. Economic cooperation with Israel. Water.

    And guess what they said? Not good enough. Do you know why it’s never good enough? Because the won’t accept any thing else apart from the whole of Palestine. WITH NO JEWS IN IT. Ammmm…. Ain’t gona happen. Sorry. Oh, I forgot, and guess what they did? They established a fundamentalist Islamic state in Gaza and “sent” more than 5000 missiles into Israel. Yes more than 5000.

    They managed to fuck it up. It wasn’t they Israelis, nor the Americans who fucked them. It was their leader. Their corrupted discussing leaders.

    So next time you want to blame Israel, because it is easier, take a moment, open your eyes, and I am sure you will realised that the fault is not with the Jews (even not with the seriously Jews).

    And one last point. And please, memories it: The Israelis are looking for peace while the Palestinians are looking for justice. i.e. All of Palestine, clear from Jews. And as I said before, It’s ain’t gona happen.

    • snugglebus permalink*
      March 25, 2010 7:07 am

      Hi Yerushalmi! Great to hear from you…and that you had a LOT to say 🙂 I guess I’ll try to respond in order.

      A: $200 billion is a figure I am repeating from this article by Robert Fisk…though actually he quotes it in UK pounds sterling, so I should stand corrected; he is referring I think to the amount of money that the US has committed within Israel’s ‘borders’ in that decade, not just direct aid: “Joe Biden turns up in the land to which the United States has donated almost £200bn over the past decade”
      B: I didn’t suggest Jerusalem was a settlement…? I’m not sure of your point. East Jerusalem is officially considered ‘occupied territory’, and is dominated by Palestinians. Building in it therefore would be illegal under international law like I said, and provocative to the Palestinians, as well as in line with Israel’s wider pattern of building in Palestinian dominated territory in order to assert its claims to sovereignty.
      C: I didn’t suggest the Palestinians didn’t want indirect talks…? I’m not sure why you mention this.
      D: I also didn’t mention anything to do with the demands of either side regarding the pre-conditions for talks, other than the Palestinians demand for an end to building in occupied territory. I’m sorry, but again I’m not sure I understand.
      E: “They”, i.e. Palestinians have a plurality of opinions about international law, no? Like any other group of people. But in this case it is one standard, or one ‘language’ that we can use that might make us stop and think about how even by quite conservative and mainstream measures Israel’s behavior is unacceptable.

      After that you seem to have two points: first that the Palestinians have no genuine support from any political actors, including among Arab states; second that the Palestinian leadership are the ones who are really at fault for the lack of peace.

      Well I don’t necessarily disagree really with your first point, I just don’t understand why it is relevant. There is plenty to say about a number of other states behavior towards Palestinians with regard to citizenship and rights (and Ewz is exactly the sort of place you would read about it…think at least one article if forthcoming related to this), but this post was a just short cry of frustration at why the US government can make bold statements about diplomatic “afronts’ and “insults”, but can only continually refer to the action itself (i.e. Israel’s continued colonization of Palestinian dominated territory) in terms like “unhelpul”. To me that seems pathetic and shameful, and the gap between the two worth poking at a little.

      As for your second point, I should probably preface that my own view is that the only really just solution is probably a One-State solution, a secular, multi-ethnic state, where everyone has equal rights (a nice dream I know…). But what you don’t seem to understand is that this isn’t about two different equally valid bargaining positions, and the role of negotiations to find some mutually acceptable place in between them. The right of return for refugees should be total. Israel’s imposition of checkpoints is the product of its military occupation, and their removal is not a gift of any sort. The territory that Israel is “offering” the Palestinians is also part of its military occupation. Development of the West Bank and Gaza is being denied at least in part by Israeli action. And it is important to remember exactly what “peace” means for a great many of the Israeli political class; yes freedom from the threat of violence for the small number of its people that are threatened by it, but more significantly in each and every concession the wider goal is to preserve the ongoing occupation of the majority of territory now called the wider state of Israel in which a system of apartheid can be maintained, rather than facing the inevitable problem that will occur in time when this system simply has to collapse under the combined weight of demographics and its own injustice. I’m sorry, but the benevolence of the Israeli state that is so clear to you is completely missing in each and every step you mention.

  2. SOULCHIIIILD permalink
    March 25, 2010 12:27 pm

    Great article Snugglebus and great response to distorted comments and views. I believe all this drama is to only help identify the political stance of both heads of states so early in their terms. That only re- assures me that nothing significant will happen and will definitely reflect no change to the whole apartheid situation. I hope they dont break a nail fighting, or lisp while arguing.

  3. sysh permalink*
    March 26, 2010 1:01 am

    I see where you are coming from, but don’t you get it? This isn’t about Palestians being occupied, abused, killed or jailed. This isn’t about a racist, apartheid colonial system that divides people rather than unites them. This is all about US (and UK) identity– it’s fine if they’re fucking over the ‘other’, but the second someone ‘insults’ us, then we have a problem.

    It’s so hypocritical that this sort of thinking is still used. Good on UK/US for sticking up to Israel, but it’s a shame that they only stick up for their own bruised egos, rather than those that have truly been wronged. Oh well…

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