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Wikileaks Is Under Attack ! (or The Nerds Strike Back)

March 28, 2010

We have airline records of the State Dep/CIA tails.
Don’t think you can get away with it.
You cannot.
This is WikiLeaks.

a tweet by wikileak

There is an epic battle raging for the soul of the human race within the cyber-fields of the Internet.

The quote above is a sharp warning from one side to the other, as things are heating up in this clash of wits.

What battle you ask? What forces are colliding in an orgy of hidden violence and shadowy threats? What is this Wikileaks? And Who ‘can not get away with’ what?

Worry not, curious reader! I shall reveal all…though if you read on, beware you do so at your own risk!

On one side of this Manichean match-up lies Wikileaks, Promethean in their struggle to steal knowledge from the opposing side, the dark and villainous one composed of governmental, corporate, organizational, and religious sectors of human society. To put it simply,  it is a website that publishes information leaked out or obtained by anonymous submissions regarding governments, corporations, various organizations, and even religious authorities.

It is a place in which a lot of dirty laundry is aired out, publicly, on the ever-bustling streets of the World Wide Web.

The website launched itself discretely four-and-some years ago on December 2006, and with much fanfare a month later in January 2007. Wikileaks’ nuts and bolts are composed of “Chinese dissidents” (smart folks), “journalists” (occasionally smart folks), mathematicians (you can’t go wrong with these guys as your muscle), and “start-up company technologists”, from the US, Taiwan, Europe, Australia and South Africa (international super nerds) and also over 1,200 registered volunteers; it is a tapestry of the ultimate alliance and politically motivated students of geek-hood ever conceived.

The website has, so far, leaked more than 1.2 million documents.

That’s a lot of dirty filthy and soiled laundry reeking about.

To get an idea of what the website has publicized, here is a list of few of the notorious ones up to now, that have caught the eye of the mainstream media and the public:

Wikileaks, as an idea, let alone an actual active website, was bound to piss someone off, and piss them off it did mightily. These shots fired by Wikileaks straight into the face of the dark abyss of state secrecy, has led inevitably to that same abyss trying to open a gargantuan can of whoop-ass.

Governments have set their sights and have acted. Calls have been made to control the nature of freedom of the internet, using the website as an example of freedom unchecked causing people to look bad, and that can’t be accepted. Australia, for example, through its Australian Communications and Media Authority, has added pages of Wikileaks URL to a blacklist (as the world vilifies China for censorship, siding with the “angelic” Google…although…China is attempting to censor Wikileaks, as well…).

The US, with others,  have unleashed their secret service dogs, raided homes of individuals housing servers or domains, or  harassed those who are involved with the organization in some capacity. Currently, members working for Wikileaks are being trailed by the CIA and Iceland (yes, Iceland…even though it is moving towards being a “journalistic haven”…I guess a little bit of Obama charm is pushing against that) intelligence agencies in order to frighten them to submission.

But worry not! The Alliance of International Nerds, that is Wikileaks, are not surrendering from this onslaught. They have taken the fight back to the government, going public with what’s been happening, and warning the gathering forces of big shots and former jocks to back…the……NOW. (The opening quote is just one of many statements on their sites pertaining to the threats they are facing: In this specific context, they are warning the CIA to back off from spying on them, and if they don’t they will reveal all that is hidden. Nothing can hide from the all-seeing eye of the uber-geeks. Quake in fear, ye who dares defy them.)

What demands to be understood, in this seemingly fringe squabble, is that this battle is part of a larger war on the nature and soul of the Internet, and therefore, in extension the nature and soul of individual’s ability to express themselves, share ideas, and to be “politically active”. Wikileaks is a tool, a new form of technocratic-muckraking, that challenges power and control.

It is the manifestation of what the Internet can really be, as a force that democratizes information and a mode for societal ramifications.  However, this does not mean that it can not be manipulated for certain political interests against certain countries. It surely will, and we have to be vigilant about that.

This is serious.

The forces of control have faced political, economical, social, and religious rivals, defeating all challengers, remaining ever on top of the pyramid of hierarchy that defines the power structures of the world.

Can the League of Super Nerds do the unthinkable and prevail when others have been smashed away by the large fist of governmental dominance? Can this Alliance of International Nerds withstand and be unscathed from the ever tightening noose of corporate wrath?! Will they survive the steely clutches of frothy mouthed dogmatic religious institutions?!!?!


We are going to have to wait and see….

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  1. November 30, 2010 8:16 pm

    It is kind off funny the mayhem off open correspondence can cause. In a free and democratic society, fighting in several countrys for democrasy and freedom off speach LOL.Then again with close to 1.000.000 ”privatly” employed securety forces in USA alone, it kinda look a little like the oldtime STAZI. The COOP’s Stazi. Just force those minibrains to act like human beings instead off badsmelling Mossulini’s. And i dont mean USA alone i mean all over!

  2. thefilthyviewer permalink
    December 3, 2010 5:16 pm

    eloquently said, grumphy.


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