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Israel’s 7 Step Guide to Losing a P.R. War

July 7, 2010

Zionism is just so adorable, isn't it.

“I thought about it, about our ‘hasbara’, and nothing is working because our story is complicated and the world is used to a sound bite,” she explained.

“I have reached the conclusion that we must use these tactics in courts worldwide, just like the Nazis – with all distinctions – used the courts to spread their message.”

Wise words from Retired Israeli Judge Hadassa Ben-Itto made during a conference to discuss improvement to Israel’s PR.

As you may or may not know, Israel is currently losing in the combat of image making. After all, shooting a 19-year old American Turkish civilian in the back of the head on a boat that is heading to Gaza to break an illegal blockade that is strangling and slowly killing the population…well, that doesn’t make for great branding. Not to mention themassive expansion of colonies in the West Bank (nearly 42% at the moment is under Israeli control) and having nearly 200 nuclear weapons (CIA count, 20 years ago), building an illegal wall through homes, farmers, and cities, and expelling Palestinians from their homes does not make for an affectionate and welcoming illustration.

So, in their utter brilliance, their “hasbara” involves the continuous dropping of the anti-Semitism card, even towards other Zionists, constant vilification of “the other” and the emphasis of ones own “victim hood” (while, of course, clearly and openly occupying and dominating “the other”), and de-legitimizing international law, even in the face of experienced international lawyers and organizations that say otherwise.

Watching them completely miss the point is now borderline cringe-worthy and pitiful. These people just don’t get it. Therefore I have taken it upon myself to give them some advice if they want to lose the PR war in a more dignified manner. I just can’t stand idly by anymore…it’s utterly heart wrenching:

1)  Stop and think before looking towards the Nazis as inspiration for anything.  That should be obvious…

2) Being liberal with the anti-Semitism card actually degrades and insults the whole memory of the experience of European Jews, who have historically faced oppression. It also weakens the card for when real anti-Jewish actions does occur. People are not angry at Israel because it is a “Jewish State”. People are angry because this state is occupying, degrading, and continuously oppressing a large group of people according to internationally-signed laws and treaties. Jus’ sayin’.

3) Mocking the dead and calling everyone a “terrorist” just doesn’t work in the information age.

4) Saying you want “peace”, while reports are coming out of how your actions go directly against “peace” (i.e. increase colonial building and funding; joking about starving the people of Gaza; building and enforcing a wall within the West Bank; and stating that the Palestinian state will be half-state; and etc.) just does not offer any confidence in what you say. It makes you out to be a pathological liar. Similarly, denying there is a humanitarian crisis in Gaza when everyone else admits there is a humanitarian crisis does not work. Seriously.

5) Claiming to be a victim. When you are the colonial entity with a technologically sophisticated military machine  armed with 200 nuclear weapons and a history of bombing and attacking more than 5 nations in the span of 60 years, while being supported financially and militarily by super powers kinda misunderstands the definition of “victim”.

6) Trying to manipulate or censoring recorded history never works. Save your energy.

7) Saying you are a democratic state does not automatically mean you are a democratic state; chiefly, when there are major issues of discrimination towards non-Jews and non-European Jews. Also, being a democratic state does not mean that automatically you have transformed into a pacifist and peaceful state (refer to colonialism and other acts of violence on “the other” by democratic states).

P.S. Good Luck, can’t wait for the next fuck up.

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