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From Israel with Lulz

August 17, 2010

I still don’t understand what’s wrong,” Abergil told Army Radio on Thursday, saying that the “pictures were taken in good will, there was no statement in them.

Goddamn Girl! You are so, like, totally sexy.

Oh, Israel.

That was incredibly fast in creating another outrageous scandal (scandal #97498325396589687396 and counting).

Seriously,  it feels like one week hasn’t gone by in which an Israeli has not gone about without stealing, shooting, molesting, humiliating, or degrading someone (mainly Palestinians) and then defended these actions with large quivering innocent eyes (Sorry, but that 13-year-old child was threatening our security and we had to shoot her…multiple times ).

And true as blue, the hasbarah is out on the prowl.   After all…there was no torture involved in these pictures, she was discharged from the army a year ago, and this does not represent the entire IDF Army…oh, where did I hear that before:

Update: Here  is the lovely, sexy Eden Abergil’s Facebook Profile. Comment away.

Oh, before I forget. According to the Rights group Breaking the Silence, IDF soldiers posing with bounded Palestinians “are the norm.”

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