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“Leave Yemen Alone” says Chatham House

October 28, 2010

The wonderful Ginny Hill, via Chatham House, just released another excellent paper on Western involvement in Yemen and Somalia called “Yemen and Somalia: Terrorism, Shadow Networks and the Limitations of State-building“, alternatively titled “Leave Yemen Alone: You’re Lucky it Even Exists for you BASTARDS”. In the paper they argue that Western-led ‘stabilisation’ policies and the ‘war on terror’ in Yemen and Somalia are only contributing to worsening an already pretty effing bad situation. International donors, especially donor governments, are interacting (or trying to interact) with state institutions that are either completely non-existent (Somalia) or mere skeleton institutions that don’t work and haven’t worked properly for decades (Yemen).

From now on, people should just send Western governments this video, inserting ‘Yemen’, ‘Pakistan’, ‘Somalia’ or ‘Afghanistan’ instead of ‘Britney’. And how fucking dare ANYONE out there interfere with Yemen and Somalia, after all they’ve been through, etc. You get the picture.


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