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What does China say about America?

October 29, 2010

The right wing group, Citizens Against Government Waste (read “corporate interests against government spending except in the form of subsidies, protectionism or bail outs”)  has released this new advert as part of its ‘non-partisan’ civil soceity participation in the November elections in the US:

Besides some obvious idiotedness in the advert (e.g. China spent far more on its stimulus package, and can hardly be equated with non-state ownership of business), it raises some interesting questions.

Are Americans at large now comfortable seeing American overseas power as both a function and a reflection of empire? The makers clearly refer to America as a great nation rather than a great empire, but then its equated to Greeks, Romans and British.

Clearly, the ad appeals to popular fears held by American voters that are about more than American jobs going to China and an undervalued currency. Its about fears that America is losing its rightful place as the sole superpower.

What does a perceived American demise mean for the future? China is becoming a big issue in the mid-term elections. Does the appeal to such fears point to a tempting reversion to populist nationalism? Is China being set up to as the next adversity to American exceptionalism and so the next justification for continued military spending and a more aggressive foreign policy?

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  1. thefilthyviewer permalink
    October 29, 2010 1:26 pm

    I believe this is relevant to the article:

    China: ‘Pakistan is our Israel’
    The world’s most populous country is showing more international assertiveness, which bothers the US.

  2. Claude Van Inkins permalink*
    October 29, 2010 2:18 pm

    thanks filthy, I think that’s interesting article. The Chinese heart the Pakistanis cos of India mainly, but because its also a strategic region. If they build an overseas base for Chinese troops – which is a hot topic in China at the moment – Pakistan will be high on the list.

    At the same time there’s always this:

    Can the Chinese compete? Or is there space for both? Whichever way you look it at, Pakistan looks set to become a international-rentier state for years to come. Arms industries and the taliban will probably benefit most.


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