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So America, you voted… [updated after the jump!]

November 3, 2010

…and thankfully some of the worst of the Tea Party surge were not successful (I’m looking at you sad confused hypocrite Christine O’Donnell, as well as the charming Sharon Angle whose supporters are providing their feedback on the democratic process in the photo above). But more often than not “it could of been worse” is only another way of saying “oh fuck“. The very conservative, most likely with the Tea Party as its rudder, sets the agenda from here on in among the Republican party, as mahogany tanned John Boehner, the new House Majority leader, made clear. And with the Republicans controlling congress (not to mention creating a far more conservative senate), the question is how will having actual influence in the resulting fuck-jumble of American politics affect their appeal if they don’t manage to actually change everything? I seem to remember that particular ambition from one Barack Hussein Obama, and people seemed to have pretty quickly lost a lot of faith with him. Only time will tell I guess.

Like pretty much everyone else with a brain and a blog, we at ewz have been getting finger cramps over the rise of the Tea Party from afar for some time now (see here and here). Cultural trends in an information age are kinda democratising, but the flipside is the very very very mistaken impulse in a lot of people that they do indeed know best, the very flames of self-delusion that could burn us all to the ground and which super-awesome people from Fox like Glenn Beck and Bill O’Reilly (i.e. Glenn Beck on Valium) and political celebretard Sarah Palin are more than happy to fan.  In a viral culture, populism is necessarily back big time (sorry John Stewart)… lets be honest it got BHO elected, but this time round it might be worth asking if we might just be witnessing the slow death of a little something called “qualifications”? I couldn’t put it any better than this guy, so I won’t even try…

[UPDATE #1] According a Rasmussen poll, apparently most voters think that House Republicans will have disappointed by 2012… that’s change you can believe in.

[UPDATE #2] And just for good measure this election saw the FIRST EVER REALITY TV SHOW CONTESTANT ELECTED TO CONGRESS!!!! It was gonna happen sooner or later, so let’s here it for Sean “The Lumperjack” Duffy, winner of Real World Bosten in 1997. I’m already getting money down on Snooki’s senate run before the decade is out.

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