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Love the way you lie – Part 2

November 16, 2010

If you couldn’t get enough of “Love the way you lie” (no judgment) – good news – Rihanna and Eminem have just released a part 2! If you hated the song, triggered you or made you worry about the generation of youth today, I have good news and bad news. Bad news: Rihanna and Eminem have just released a part 2! Good news: Eminem only has one verse and its in the end.

Okay, so this is not a preachy song circa 1990s about community response to violence (props to Baby Face, Stevie Wonder, Tracy Chapman among others).

And this is not a story telling project about women who eventually escape violence to a shelter and over time manage to find housing, employment and independence and live to present about it at a Non-profit’s Show & Tell to funders. (not to de-value the power or impact of such initiatives, only the limited public outlets available. Plus, Rhianna is probably saving this for pt.3)

This is just one experience of violence, that does not represent all experiences of violence, yet is epidemic across our societies. In Canada, 51% of women have experienced physical or sexual violence since the age of 16. 39% of women have experienced sexual assault since the age of 16. These numbers may be even higher because these stories are often unreported. Only 6% of sexual assaults are reported to police.

All this to say, it is no surprise that this song relates to the experiences of so many youth. Good or bad, this is just the start of a discussion we the public need to have. I leave it up to you to listen to it from your own point of view and share your thoughts!

Rihanna Feat. Eminem – Love the way you lie pt. 2 (MP3)

* Statistics are from Statistics Canada,  1993 Violence Against Women Survey

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  1. sysh permalink*
    November 16, 2010 9:50 am

    and if these are the figures for Canada, god knows what they are for mean countries!

  2. Vicky MP permalink
    November 16, 2010 10:54 pm

    What a disgusting song. The couple enjoys abusing each other? He’s lost count of how many times he’s hit her?
    I like that you suggest that it relates to the experience of so many youth, and perhaps that accounts for why it’s popular. Sometimes messed up passion is seen as glamorous–think of rumors of rock stars trashing their motel rooms and throwing things at their partners. Still, it makes me shudder.

    • gfresca permalink*
      November 17, 2010 1:30 am

      Yes! The song is messed up! And the reality is messed up too. The woman in the song is emotionally attached to the abuser. She knows it’s “evil”, feels it’s “sick” but she loves him and doesn’t want to leave. This can be very real, too.

      Personally, I’m holding out for a pt.3. where she will write a happy conclusion to the story, encouraging women that violence is never okay and that they are worth more than they think they are.

      Thanks for commenting!

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