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Everything you need to know about the new Britney single

January 10, 2011

The final version of Hold It Against Me has been released after weeks of demo versions and I’m trying to remain calm and not overreact but it is absolutely amazing. If you thought the bass on the demo was crazy you have not heard ANYTHING EVER. The final version has a grinding bass and dips and drops and highs and lows and then the whole thing stops and it goes into this weird 90’s Britney middle eight with speaky parts which isn’t that great if I’m being honest BUT THEN IT DROPS AGAIN INTO ANOTHER (INSTRUMENTAL) MIDDLE EIGHT that resembles late 90’s early 00’s four on the floor hands in the air dance tracks and then the CHORUS COMES BACK WITH A FULL BACKING TRACK THAT ISN’T EVEN ON THE FIRST COUPLE OF CHORUSES.
Ok I’m done. Sorry.

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